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A basic class covering the majority of the below topics takes about 4 1/2 - 5 hours, depending on how much practice time you want with infant care.  The length of the class also depends on if you would like to include videos, ask lots of questions, or take frequent breaks.  For your individualized class you can choose from the following topics:


*  What to expect during your last trimester of pregnancy


*  Stages of labor (Latent, Active, Transition, pushing, and delivery of infant and            placenta)


*  How to make your labor and delivery more comfortable


*  Exercises that can be used during pregnancy to help with common discomforts          and strengthen muscles to prepare for delivery


*  Breathing and relaxation techniques


*  Signs that labor may be starting soon


*  How to tell if you are "in labor"


*  Pain relief options during labor


*  What to expect during your hospital stay for labor, delivery, recovery, and                  postpartum


*  The role of the coach or labor partner


*  Induction (when it may be used and what might be used for the process)


*  What to expect for a c-section delivery


*  Birth videos (Natural or epidural)


*  Newborn care and safety (practice diapering, swaddling, bathing, burping and            holding an infant)


*  Recovery tips for home


*  Breastfeeding tips

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